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Welcome to The Okinawa Karate Podcast, the only Karate podcast based directly from the Birthplace of Karate, Okinawa Japan. 

My name is Josh Simmers and I am very blessed to call the island of Okinawa home. My journey on Okinawa began in 1995 when I was stationed here in the US Army. After separating from the Army in 1999 I returned to the United States with my lovely wife who happens to be an Okinawa Native. Various life events and forks in the road led us back to Okinawa in 2015. 

I train in Okinawa Kenpo which was founded by our late Master, Nakamura Shigeru, in 1955. Our current Kaicho is Kina, Toshimitsu (9th Dan), and my Sensei is Kiyan, Toru (8th Dan). 

Many listeners know that Okinawa is a very small island with a very large heart. This is ever true in the circle of Okinawa Karate. My goal with this podcast is to share some of this beauty with you. 

Thank you for listening and I hope you enjoy. 

Best Regards,

Josh Simmers

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My various articles (authored or shared) about Okinawa Karate or general Okinawa life. 

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